Health First Radio

The Health First Radio show hosted by Dave Fuller  began in 2004 at UNBC Cfur studio, however since Oct 6th 2008 we have been broadcasting from CFIS radio in Prince George. You can listen live on Mondays 1-2pm Pacific Standard time at 93.1 fm or on the internet at  

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We have been lucky over the years to interview some interesting guests on fascinating topics. Some of the highlights have been interviews with icons like Dr Abram Hoffer, Dr Julian Whitaker, Dr Earl Mindell, Lorna Vanderhaeghe, Percy Schmeiser, Sam Graci, Udo Urasmus, John Gray, Devra Gartenstein, Dr Michael Murray, and Dr Paul Connett to name a few.

There have been those people who we have interviewed that I would consider the brains of the alternative health in Canada and the US, including Dr Kate Rayome Bleu, Dr Michael Lyon, Brad King, Meg Jordan, Don Nixdorf, Stuart Rose, Salley Errey, Edda West of Vran, Dr Ian Blumer, and Cory Holly, these people dedicate their lives to teaching and the Health First Radio Show has tapped into their brains on a regular basis to bring this information to the people of Prince George and beyond.

Finally and not least of all we try to have on local experts from Prince George, some of the best shows have been with our local guests in the studio, like the time Dr Michael O Malley stuck the acupuncture needle in my forehead during a show, or when Franzi Ng brought in the guests and did tapping on them for their fear of water, Dr Jason Boxtart, Dr Mark Kubert, Dr Bob Vanhorlick, Dr Jill Bergen, Dr Deborah Phair, have all been wonderful to interview. Guests like Yvonna Breed, Bill Money telling us how he beat cancer using Macrobiotics, Roger Sandal, Chris Opio telling us about his work in Uganda on water health, Cyndi Sarrazin, Sherry Strong, Karin Gerlach, Kathy Baker, Jodi Brandolini and so many others have made the radio shows memorable.